Turnaround Sessions

Parenting Consultations: Turnaround Sessions

If you have a less complex, issue-based problem in your family, you can work with me through a 3 hour intensive where I will lead you through a step-by-step process to resolve it.

This is for you if you just can’t get your child to…

  • sleep well
  • eat well
  • settle at school
  • potty train
  • stop squabbling with siblings
  • fill in the blank

Turnaround Sessions

 3 x 1 hour, £875

PLUS Anytime Listening (Emergency 5 mins listening time from Roma or another skilled listening facilitator) whenever you need it during your programme


  • Immerse yourself in understanding the Hand in Hand Parenting tools (the mini intensive can be an alternative to taking a Starter Class)
  • Offload hurt/trauma/grief from a situation that is using up your attention
  • Dissolve problem areas of rigidity and stress
  • Make a hard decision
  • Resolve a specific issue as I lead you through the steps required


Words from previous clients

“All the questions I’ve thrown at you; all the different scenarios – you always have exactly the right words! I was at my wit’s end. I was trying so hard and it was a confusing mess. It helped instantly. You gave me capacity to deal with it all – this has helped me hugely.”

“My connection with my son is way better. Previously I’d feel tense and anxious before he would come to stay but now I feel more confident and attuned and basically a better parent. I’ve got more tools, I feel empowered and I’ve had a shift in mindset. The whole thing has been life changing and I can’t thank you enough!”

“Roma is such a warm, patient and compassionate human being and she has the most amazing ability to listen in a non-judgmental way. I’m so grateful for everything that she has done to help me develop a coherent life narrative and change my approach to particular family situations – her coaching work has had such a positive impact on me and my family.”

Please get in touch about the Turnaround Sessions here.