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Listening Partnership guide

You can download my Listening Guide to get started with Listening Partnerships here

There’s a Facebook group Hand in Hand Listening Support UK to help you connect with a Listening Partner here

Sweet Talk Audio

I hope you enjoy this Sweet Talk audio I have recorded. These are affirmations of your goodness, belonging and okayness. If you didn’t hear words like these enough when you were growing up, these can support a re-parenting process. It’s designed to be used as a relaxation. You can play it while falling asleep or let it go in subliminally while you are focused on other things.


Our new book Listen is available on Amazon as a paperback or audiobook on Audible

You can buy the Hand in Hand booklets here

Aldort, Naomi, Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves

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Markham, Laura, Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings

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