Postnatal Binding Ceremony

Postnatal Binding Ceremony/Closing the bones (Bath/Bristol/Wiltshire/Somerset)

“I felt enveloped in warmth and unconditional acceptance; totally held, utterly safe, honoured and cared for with an almost breathtaking sensitivity. I had no idea what to expect from the binding ceremony and was surprised what a profoundly deep space of relaxation I fell into. Afterwards I felt as though I was emerging from an enchanted sleep.”

Many women feel “blown open” by the intensity of childbirth and becoming a mother. This nurturing, ancient rite draws a woman’s energy and strength back to her and leaves her feeling grounded and clear and more herself. This ceremony is usually private and takes about 3 hours. On arrival you are lead to a ceremonial herbal bath with salts, oils and tailored postnatal herbs. While you enjoy the bath we perform a puja (blessing) dedicated to your healing.













We will listen as you debrief your birth story, using the After Birth process. It takes two of us to bind you head to toe in snug wraps, applying just the right level of pressure.  While you are bound and in deep relaxation, we perform energy work and if necessary soul retrieval for any fragments of yourself that have been lost on the process of childbirth. We have developed our own healing system to draw down your energy and allow it to restore alignment. We find using black wraps helps contain your body’s light in a unique way.

This is followed by some form of “mother roasting” (traditionally to keep the mother warm in the first weeks after birth) such as a warm oil treatment or ginger kidney compresses.




Remote Binding ceremony – This ceremony can also be done on anyone who has suffered a trauma, illness, loss or heartbreak that has blown them open, where they need to retrieve their energy and contain light in the body. When done remotely by Skype, a puja (blessing) is done in your honour and the binding process performed energetically. (1 hour)