After Birth

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After Birth

resolving and honouring the birth of your baby

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“Wow it was so amazing today! I feel like a different person”

“Thanks for today Roma, it was amazingly healing. Thank you for offering this valuable work to the world. I am exhausted this evening but deep in love”

I loved the warmth and the heart with the way the workshop was led. Hearing other mum’s stories was moving”

Binnie brought a great deal of light to what can be places of darkness and that reaffirmed for me the importance of this work”

I feel happy that I can move forward with my next baby and the love I feel for my son can become again”

I feel so blessed over and over about last Saturday””

I feel totally resolved now and lighter. When I think of her birth the sadness has gone. I feel confident that when it comes up, I can talk to her about it and it will be just fine.”

Sometimes a birth experience deviates greatly from what you hoped for.

Sometimes—even if outwardly it went to plan—you are left with mixed feelings.

Sometimes it is years before a woman is able to admit that she had difficulty coming to terms with giving birth.

Do you feel grief, loss, anger or shame when you think of your childs birth? Maybe you keep replaying it in your mind? Perhaps you are preparing for another baby and feel anxious as you approach birth again. Many things can cause these thoughts and feelings: a loss of control or dignity, a lack of respect from those around you, not being heard, pressure or anxiety from caregivers, separation from your baby, fear for your or their wellbeing.

Roma Norriss and Binnie A Dansby invite you into a safe and gentle environment specifically designed to support you to release anything you have been carrying that is unresolved about your childs birth.

Connect with others and have an opportunity to share your experience if you choose

Gain confidence and clarity about birth

Learn how to shift your perspective and reframe your experience

Enjoy tangible improvement in your relationships with your children, your partner, and the world

Find forgiveness for yourself and those involved

Free up more energy and passion for Life

Many times in the past 35 years of working with birth issues, I have been asked to support a woman and her partner to resolve a dramatic and traumatic birth experience. Clearly we cannot change circumstances, yet we can discover new perspectives, new ways of thinking about every situation. When we are able to speak about our deepest thoughts and feelings we open the door to discovering new and more life enhancing perspectives. This healing process is important for the relationship with the child born of a less than ideal birth, for the family, for future births, and for the sake of moving on in peace for everyone. AFTER BIRTH, Resolving and Honouring the Birth of Your Baby, offers the opportunity to open new pathways to peace and joy in your relationship with birth and with life.

Binnie A Dansby

Sometimes fathers/partners are the most traumatised after birth, having witnessed what their loved ones went through. Get in touch if you are interested in having us run this workshop for partners.


Binnie Dansby is is an inspiring teacher and a gifted therapist dedicated to transforming the quality of life through the acknowledgement of the effects of birth on human consciousness and culture. Binnie is pioneer of the Ecstatic Birth movement and has been supporting couples for over 35 years. She is author of many papers and forthcoming book about the impact of our SOURCE EXPERIENCE on all of life.

Binnie holding her granddaughter Binnie-Anne


Roma Norriss is a Birth and Postnatal Doula, NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor and Parent Educator. She has spent many hours counselling mothers on their births as part of her role and when volunteering for the Association of Radical Midwives. She has two young children of her own and is passionate about supporting birth, breastfeeding and parenting to create peace and sustainability in the world.

Roma with her baby Artemis

Sometimes fathers/partners are the most traumatised after birth, having witnessed what their loved ones went through. Get in touch if you are interested in having us run this workshop for partners.

More feedback from participants:

I felt so differently after the workshop. For the first time ever I feel that I could do it again and differently this time. I dont feel so terrified. Thank you so much everyone for creating such a safe, heart felt and healing day.”

After two weeks since the meeting I could say I am more relaxed about the events of the two births I had.
I went through all sorts of emotions: anger, fear, feelings of panic; but I kind of learned that those feelings were there for a reason. I have forgiven myself for not being able to birth naturally but respect myself now for being clever enough to go to the hospital and letting the doctors to help to bring out my babies. I have told my first one that I have saved her life when she stopped moving inside me. And I keep telling my second one the events of how he was carried for 9 month and born at the hospital. Thank you all to help me to release the left over of the emotions and be supportive and kind.”

For me, the day was like a lens plopping into place, enabling me to understand things about my births and myself in a deep way and deepening my understanding of birth in general.”