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What I loved about your talk, and the way you are, is that you connect the mind and the body. I have done a lot of therapy, but I have never experienced what we shared – such experiences are not talked about in psychology or therapy programs. You actually helped me identify many needs. I feel free and liberated.”


Active since 2003 as a birthworker, mother of two, ritualkeeper, facilitator and Hand in Hand Parenting consultant: Roma is lit up by listening, connection, intimacy and community. Her perspective is influenced by Binnie Dansby, who fostered an appreciation of the original intimacy; our earliest imprint, from where all our patterns stem. Roma is a refreshingly human, forgiving and warm facilitator.

As well as running courses and workshops online and in the UK, Roma holds retreats on parenting, birth, listening, intimacy and creativity. She is a consultant for the acclaimed Arrigo Programme. With colleague Alice Irving, Roma brings her unique approach to corporate wellness, for organisations that want to integrate connection-based practice into business. For more on how you can help your organisation ‘Think Well at Work’ go here.

Roma blogs and writes for publications like JUNO Magazine, The Practicing Midwife, Elephant Journal, Rebelle Society and Huffington Post. She consults internationally with individuals on parenting issues, birth preparation or resolution, and the impact of early trauma. Roma is an experienced speaker and is available for conferences, festivals and events.



The impact of birth and parenting on life

Birth, breastfeeding and parenting wires society for connection, community and sustainability

Freebirth; why women seek the ultimate autonomy

Ritual in the childbearing year



Breastfeeding wires society for connection

Breastfeeding, immunity and the microbiome

Breastfeeding our way back home; the impact of infant feeding on global consciousness



Understanding children’s emotions

Rewards, punishment and how connection builds intelligence

Building co-operation through connection

Setting loving limits

Positive discipline

Tears and Tantrums

Playful parenting; bringing joy and ease into your home

Helping siblings get along/your picky eater/children sleep well/your aggressive child/children with separation anxiety

Parenting as emotional work, what do parents really need?

Therapeutic parenting techniques for trauma recovery

Becoming a parent as a trigger for Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder



How feelings override thinking; connection based practices to maximise learning

Listening Partnerships for educators; a stress reduction intervention

The connection based classroom; an alternative to behaviourist strategies

An emotionally intelligent approach to bullying and conflict


Emotional intelligence:

Emotional release as a somatic trauma solution

The longing epidemic that drives our addictions

Narcissism; a personal and compassionate perspective

An indigenous solution to addiction/narcissism/disembodiment


Connection based practices for business:

Using the neuroscience of feelings to get ahead

Building co-operation (in your children or workforce!) through connection

Vulnerable leadership for a new paradigm

Listening to transform conflict

Setting non confrontational limits that bring understanding


Roma is such a warm, patient and compassionate human being and she has the most amazing ability to listen in a non-judgemental way. I’m so grateful for everything that she has done to help me develop a coherent life narrative and change my approach to particular family situations”

“Roma carries beautiful soft yet strong energy for holding space, coming from a place of truth, experience and authenticity, which is why it’s why it is working for others.”