If you want to go deeply into the opportunity for transformation that pregnancy brings and prepare consciously to welcome a new soul into your family, I offer antenatal preparation, retreats, ceremonies, workshops and a Doula package.

What is a Doula?

A Doula, Birth Attendant or Birth Keeper is someone you can develop a close relationship with throughout your pregnancy and who will be on call so they can attend the birth. Most Doulas offer some kind of antenatal preparation. My approach is to address the underlying issues and release deep fears and beliefs. Postnatal Doulas support you in your home in the weeks following the birth, offering a listening ear, help with breastfeeding and practical support.

For me, the most powerful thing I can offer you is my reassuring presence, which comes from a place of quiet confidence in birth and your ability to birth. Occasionally, my guidance may involve suggestions for positioning, acupressure for pain relief or to encourage contractions, or ideas for emotional release.

My Doula Package

  • Meet me for a relaxed cuppa to see whether you feel comfortable in my presence and the way I work appeals to you.
  • I offer six 2-3 hour antenatal preparation sessions, which include breathwork; a tool to safely access and transform your experiences, beliefs and fears around birth. I’ve been working with parents since 2006 as a Doula, Ecstatic Birth Practitioner, Breastfeeding Counsellor and Parenting Instructor. Sessions are responsive to your needs and can include any of the following:

-Exploring the impact of your own births

-Physiology of labour from a spiritual and emotional perspective

-Preparing the ecstatic birth environment

-Receiving the support you deserve and receiving your baby’s love

-Debriefing from previous births/abortion/miscarriage

-Addressing your worst fears

-Confident and ecstatic breastfeeding

-Early parenting; lotus birth, crying, sleep, elimination communication, slings

-Preparing for a new sibling and building good sibling relationships

  • A Blessingway Ceremony
  • On call for your birth (this means for the fortnight before your due date up until your baby is born, I plan not to travel more than a couple hours from you, I arrange cover for other work I do, I keep my phone with me and on through the night and I work with a back up Doula you have met at least twice)
  • Presence at the birth
  • 2 x 2-3 hour postnatal sessions, where I can listen to your feelings about the birth and transitioning to parenthood, support you with breastfeeding and offer practical support
  • A Postnatal Binding Ceremony with my Doula partner
  • Unlimited phone/email/Skype support
  • Free places on any of my workshops that you would like to come to whilst we are working together