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Roma Norriss - Birthing A Better World

roma Norriss Doula & NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor

I get how important it is to have the right people around you when you are trying to break old patterns and find the way that feels right for you. As a parent we get bombarded by noise about what you should be doing. I want to help you find your own voice and clear thinking.

I have been working with birth for over 10 years, a NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor for 5 and now since 2014 expanded into Hand in Hand Parenting and I know this work comes down to the same thing. Listening. Connection. Intimacy. Community.

Driven by my own experiences of early trauma I was experiencing both debilitating neuralgia and a lot of pain in my marriage as well as a sense of isolation in all my relationships, including with my children. I was also trying to work out how best to help my firstborn, who has Special Needs showing up as intense aggression, anxiety, sensory processing and social difficulties, I stumbled across Hand in Hand Parenting, which turned out to be my salvation. Implementing this approach has brought immeasurable connection, play and fun, as well as a radical safety to my home and answers to many of the situations I was hopeless about. For more information on the personal transformation that ensued you can read this.

I have been fired up about the way we raise the next generation since my early 20s, (in part driven by the experience of being parented by two sweet and hurt people who were doing their very best). I long for peace and sustainability in this world and I am inspired by the fast track opportunity offered by birth and parenting for moving towards this.

In my mission to reach and support as many parents as I can, I blog, write for JUNO Magazine, The Practicing Midwife and Huffington Post. I also run workshops across the UK for parents and birth workers and speak at conferences. I offer talks, workshops and courses local to Bath and online (as well as teleseminars and webinars) and I consult by Skype or Zoom.


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(From a mother who exclusively expressed milk for her baby until she was able to latch months later)

It was very special you telling me that you feel I am breastfeeding and that my baby is not missing it.

It really empowered me and helped me to re-connect with my heart which I poured onto her every time but specially when she is near the breast. So the other day whist she was at the breast doing her thing I focus and put my intention on sending my heart energy down from my heart into her mouth and body. And believe it or not she responded by making this really long sound almost like singing. I felt we were enveloped in love, so I did it again and she did those sounds again. She looked so ecstatic!!

Thank you for empowering me.

You inspired me Roma so much. You told me about breastfeeding being more than the nutrition. Thank you, thank you.


Mother, U.K.