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Listening School 6 week call (online: Thursday mornings)

June 13, 2019 @ 09:15 - 10:45


Thursdays 9.15-10.45am for 6 weeks from June 13th

Listening School!

A radical new intervention for managing stress, improving relationships, building community and helping you think and do at your best.

Are you tired at the end of every day?

Is feeling overwhelmed by your life becoming the norm?

Do you wish you could keep your cool under pressure?

Have you had enough of having your buttons pressed – by your kids, your partner, your colleagues, the state of the world?

Would you like a way to feel confident, “unfuckwithable” AND be more available, emotionally, mentally, and physically for the people and projects you care most about?

It might be that you don’t need to take that sabbatical, sign up for years of therapy, book an expensive meditation retreat, leave your job, get a divorce or quit the country. If you are SOUL tired, it’s probably listening that you really need.

Did you Know?

>  Your body has an inbuilt, very powerful system for recovering from stress. It’s called… your feelings! Crying, laughing, getting cross and even sweating are all ways the body releases stress.

>  Humans are designed to “do life” together. We aren’t supposed to tough this out in a race to the finish. That’s why we get stressed when we feel isolated, unloved, or at risk of rejection.

>  When you’ve got a backlog of difficult feelings, your body will do ANYTHING to get them out. Argument with the bus driver? Perfect. Sob over the latest episode of Emmerdale? Check.

>  In fact releasing feelings is SO important that, when you have a build-up, your thinking brain will mostly stop working (a brain scan will actually show this). Can’t find your keys or think what to have for dinner? It could well be a build up of feelings getting in the way.  

We came across a secret called Listening Partnerships, that has allowed us to hack and harness our emotionality to become more bombproof. After seeing the transformational effect, all our friends cottoned on and started using it too. We feel pretty smug about it and you will too. Its free. You can do it anywhere. It will change your life.

What is Listening School?

Listening School is a six week, live online course where you learn to integrate Listening Partnerships into your life. You’ll learn how to listen to each other deeply in order to safely and gently release emotional stress. You’ll also discover a very powerful way to connect with others which will open up your capacity for intimacy and community beyond anything you may have experienced before.

You’ll go away with a free, sustainable structure for emotional health that you can use for the rest of your life. Listening School might fast become the highlight of your week where you can stock up on meaningful connection.

> You can’t learn to listen from a book. Immerse yourself in experiential learning. We’ll give you a different element of the practice each week. You’ll see it modelled and receive it yourself.

> Timed containers: clear boundaries and everyone gets a turn.

> Enhanced confidentiality: what you talk about won’t be raised again by anyone listening.

> You get attention for whatever YOU need to work on, however “light” or “deep”.

“The course conveyed the use of LP’s well and in depth and allowed me to connect with new listening partners who are awesome. Watching you both listen to others and hearing what you say was the magic bit. It’s building my confidence as I’ve picked up more LP’s.”

“I’ve felt safe, heard and even loved by you all.”

6 weeks from  8-9.15pm GMT/7amSydney/12pmPST/3pmEST

Calls take place on Zoom, which you can join via internet or local access number

Early Bird before May 13th £145/99 concs

£175/125 thereafter

to book send payment here


June 13, 2019
09:15 - 10:45
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