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Listening for Better Relationships (Online)

February 25, 2019 @ 20:15 - 21:30


Listening for Better Relationships

(A six week course for couples/multiples of any orientation)



You love your partner. But why is it so hard to get along sometimes?


You know that feeling…. totally hijacked. Out of control. Get me OUT OF HERE.


No matter how small or big the “problem”, neither of you seem to be able to find your way out of it. You can’t even remember what you were arguing about. You certainly can’t see a scrap of goodness in each other.  Just mired in feelings of upset, frustration, anger and hurt.


Or maybe you get along FINE but you’ve lost that closeness.

It feels like they don’t care about you anymore. Maybe you’re not making love any more or the spark simply isn’t there these days.


There is a way to feel deep love for each other EVEN during times of conflict or indifference.

No matter how strong your relationship, you will have those times. It doesn’t have to mean the end of the road or that there’s a fundamental problem between you. It IS possible for the two of you to come together and BUILD your relationship through difficulty instead of tearing each other apart or drifting apart forever.


We’d like to introduce you to the hidden power of Listening. 


You might think you already know how to listen. We are going to show you how to REALLY deploy this profoundly simple, innate yet forgotten, human superpower to TRANSFORM your relationship in a surprisingly short time.


You BOTH deserve to feel cherished and heard…


……when your partner upsets you

……when your partner is upset (by you or something else)

……when you are BOTH losing it


You’ll learn simple, specific, step by step tools for these times, so you can:


  • Find a way out of negative loop conversations – you know those ones that just keep happening.

  • Take care of each other with kindness even at those moments you’d normally struggle.

  • Attend to yourself so that you don’t depend on your partner to meet your needs.

  • Bolster connection, even in fraught moments.

    A 6 week EXPERIENTIAL course

    Uphold your own and your partner’s essential goodness – whatever is going down right now.

    Master a shared structure that you can keep coming back to even when you’re upset and can’t think well.

    Hack connection so you can enjoy each other more every day.

    Be present with the current problem without getting lost in feelings.

    Handle conflict gracefully when children are around

Roma Norriss is lit up by listening, connection, intimacy and community. She has been holding space for couples for over a decade as a birthworker and parenting consultant. She runs retreats and writes and speaks on intimacy.
Alice Irving is a Somatic Wellness and Success Coach and NLP practitioner specialising in self-care, confidence and boundaries. She co runs Listening School and is also in the midst of a self-lead learning marathon exploring personal and professional power.


February 25, 2019
20:15 - 21:30