Tribal hearts – this is for you!

Tribal hearts – this is for you!

I was really sorry to miss you folks so I pre-recorded the talks I was due to give at Tribal Hearts last weekend. So if you missed them you can watch both here.


Healing Separation Anxiety

Are you struggling whenever you have to be away from your child?

Does your child…

  • get upset when you have to leave, or even at the thought of being away from you
  • behave in challenging ways either before or after separation

Would you like to…

  • leave your child feeling safe and confident to be without you
  • respond to your child in a way that honours their emotional needs
  • help your child face the fear they carry about the times they’ve been separated from you

In this talk I share powerful tools to reduce the stress of leaving your child and off-track behavior as you help your child feel more secure.

Further info:

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Why do Kids Push Our Buttons?

Ever found yourself saying the EXACT thing you SWORE you’d never say to your kids? You know you don’t want to incite shame, fear or rejection, yet sometimes they just make you crazy and losing it is beyond your control. You’re committed to being patient, available and playful, yet often you just feel so tired and overloaded that somehow they’re on a screen again or the day goes by without managing to connect in the way you intended. Understand why will power just isn’t enough to be the parent you want to be, and what it really takes to give your kids a healthy childhood even if you didn’t have one yourself. You’ll also learn what to do when your kid is losing it. How should you respond when your kid is angry, upset or unmanageable? What to say and do without shaming, co-ercing or giving in. Simple, kind, effective tools that will build your child’s resilience, increase your confidence and make power battles a thing of the past. Guaranteed to inject joy,  warmth and affectionate playfulness to your daily life.

Further info:

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