I offer parenting consultations by phone, Skype or in person. You pay what you can afford from £40-£100/hour.

In supporting parents to establish strong connection and emotional safety within the family, this approach draws on pragmatic,  trauma informed, therapeutic parenting tools, which are in line with current neuroscience. Sessions support you to unravel the impact of unresolved issues on parenting and to create a new paradigm for relating  that brings ease and fulfillment. This approach is relevant for babies to teenagers and on topics such as setting limits, siblings, aggression, separation issues, toddler tantrums, school struggles, bullying, teen disconnection, sexuality, picky eating, potty training, sleep struggles, whining/clingyness/crying/colic/birth trauma. Create more connection, less stress and diffuse conflict. You will reframe your children’s behaviour with the Hand in Hand approach and receive guidance on specific tools to use.

“I have done therapy for years but it hasn’t come near to being as effective as these sessions. You listen with such warmth, which allows me to feel safe enough for all these feelings to be stirred up.”

“I’ve read a *ton* of peaceful parenting books which takes so much time and can feel like heavy taking in so much information however insightful. It was so much more helpful to have some specific gems relevant to our situation – no overwhelm, easy to implement, simple and speedy.”

Sleep program (number of sessions dependent on situation) – offload stress about sleep struggles and learn tools to implement that are both effective and respectful to your child. This is a gentle approach that works on sleep by helping children unravel the fears and tensions that prevent easy and deep sleep. A likely side effect is that your child may feel more confident in the world, less prone to aggression and better able to handle separation from you.


My Story

Before finding Hand in Hand, family life felt chaotic and challenging. I was battling intense, inexplicable nerve pain in my left hand following Artemis’ birth. It was debilitating and prevented me from connecting deeply with those around me. I sensed I needed to do some work on my childhood and how I had been parented. We were also finding it very difficult with Zephyr, who is an intense, sensitive, aggressive and anxious child and I wanted to be able to really help him and keep his sister safe. I feel like a parenting ninja when I can skilfully diffuse situations that used to be tricky, by using play. The Listening Partnership tool has been life changing for me. I am now so much less reactive, which leaves me naturally affectionate and playful. I want more families to experience the connection, ease and fun that we now have.

I also offer the 6 week Parenting Starter Class. I am so honoured to teach these transformational parenting tools, which serve as not only a way to help children feel more co-operative, but also bring you long lasting connection to your children… and everyone else in your life.

“This course has been unbelievable, life changing. I wish everyone would have the chance to do this”
“It’s been such a beautiful, horrifying, gorgeous journey. It’s been mind blowing and overwhelming and such a treat to do this course with you.”
“I’ve noticed that my son is no longer aggressive and I am closer to my children.”
“There’s joy! there’s a little happy person there.”
“I’ve seen the transformation in so many good friends who’ve attended this life changing parenting course. Roma carries beautiful soft yet strong energy for holding space, coming from a place of truth, experience and authenticity, which is why it’s why it is working for others.


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