Parenting Consultations


“I’ve done years of therapy, being a therapist myself and I’ve never felt such safety and warmth as you provide. Nothing I’ve done in therapy has been anything like this effective. I’ve been working on this (issue) for years and in a moment with you it’s just released!” (happy client)


Through many years of working with parents I see that when we feel supported, are given proven techniques and can lift out the emotional barriers that are keeping us stuck – any difficulty is retrievable. This connection based approach can seem like magic, because we’ve been trying to tackle challenges on an intellectual or practical level, which doesn’t work when the issue is relational. The way I work is somatic, intuitive, trauma informed and based on current neuroscience. I hope I can offer you a warm and nurturing space and inject a sense of hopefulness into doubtful places. I will always uphold your goodness and keep your information confidential.


12 week Parenting Program

12 weeks, £1400

This program will not only give you confidence and strategies for navigating your work as a parent, you’ll notice a fundamental shift in your way of being. You’ll receive hands on, step by step guidance to resolve the unworkable areas of family life. You’ll also integrate a re-parenting process, which will alter the way you speak to yourself and self-regulate in times of stress.


Weekly 20 minute laser sessions – This is an opportunity to reflect on what you most need help with, fill me in on your progress each week and receive my input. I will ask you to prepare ahead of time so that we can make the most of our time together. I will give you my opinion on what is causing any difficulties and make practical suggestions to lead you through a step-by-step recovery process. I will also suggest specific directions to explore in your emotional work. You’ll receive any relevant follow up info by email.


A weekly mastermind group – This is a closed group focused on emotional support. You’ll get to know 3-5 other clients of mine and develop a profound level of safety and connection. This is a powerful structure for breaking down illusions of separation and accessing buried feelings.


Anytime calls – You’ll be able to reach out whenever you need it for 5 minutes emergency support. This is one of the most important elements of the program because it interrupts your established stress pattern and has the ultimate effect of rewiring your nervous system. Humans are able to make new shifts best through co-regulation. Using connection with another brain to resource you and remind you that all is well will eventually lead to you being able to self-regulate in times of stress. You’ll be added to a VIP Whatsapp group where you can reach out to me and one or two other skilled facilitators whenever you feel overwhelmed or upset.


Body Memory session – You’ll be invited to reach out at an opportune point during the program to have one of us with you for up to 20 minutes (in your earphones) while you are either working through a difficulty with your child, or showering them with your delighted attention. We’ll whisper in your ear the translation for what your child is really communicating and what you can say/do next to get best results. The purpose of this is that while you have support and guidance, you can access a greater capacity for presence than you might usually. This experience will be stored as a body memory that you can draw on time and time again.


You can join from anywhere in the world. Weekly calls are on Zoom without video. You can dial in by phone or join through a weblink. The laser sessions can be recorded in case you’d like to go back to them. The Anytime and Body Memory calls are by phone.


Words from previous clients

“All the questions I’ve thrown at you; all the different scenarios – you always have exactly the right words! I was at my wit’s end. I was trying so hard and it was a confusing mess. It helped instantly. You gave me capacity to deal with it all – this has helped me hugely.”

“My connection with my son is way better. Previously I’d feel tense and anxious before he would come to stay but now I feel more confident and attuned and basically a better parent. I’ve got more tools, I feel empowered and I’ve had a shift in mindset. The whole thing has been life changing and I can’t thank you enough!”

“Roma is such a warm, patient and compassionate human being and she has the most amazing ability to listen in a non-judgmental way. I’m so grateful for everything that she has done to help me develop a coherent life narrative and change my approach to particular family situations – her coaching work has had such a positive impact on me and my family.”


Mini Intensive

If you have a less complex, issue based problem in your family, you can work with me through a 3 hour intensive, where I will lead you through a step by step process to resolve it. This is for you if you just can’t get your child to… sleep well/eat well/settle at school/potty train/stop squabbling with siblings/fill in the blank.


Mini intensive – 3 x 1 hour, £400

  • Immerse yourself in understanding the Hand in Hand Parenting tools (can be an alternative to taking a Starter Class)
  • Offload hurt/trauma/grief from a situation that is using up your attention
  • Dissolve problem areas of rigidity and stress
  • Make a hard decision
  • Resolve a specific issue as I lead you through the steps required