Parenting Consultations


I offer parenting consultations by phone, Zoom or in person and you can book into my calendar here.
In supporting parents to establish strong connection and emotional safety within the family, this approach draws on pragmatic, trauma informed, therapeutic parenting tools, which are in line with current neuroscience. Sessions support you to unravel the impact of unresolved issues on parenting and to create a new paradigm for relating that brings ease and fulfillment.

This approach is relevant for babies to teenagers and on topics such as:

  • parental overwhelm/reactivity
  • setting limits
  • family dynamics
  • siblings
  • aggression
  • trauma recovery
  • separation issues
  • toddler tantrums
  • school struggles
  • bullying
  • teen disconnection
  • screen time
  • sexuality
  • picky eating
  • babies: potty training, sleep struggles, whining/clingyness/crying/colic/birth trauma


Create more connection, less stress and diffuse conflict. You will re-frame your children’s behaviour with the Hand in Hand approach and receive guidance on specific tools to use.

You can book:
Turnaround session– A 60 minute session at £150

Mini intensive – 3 hours at £350

Intensive support – Round the clock support for 12 weeks at £1750

Turnaround session – Unravel a tricky situation in your home and bring a fresh perspective to your understanding. You’ll learn specific tools to apply and reconnect with your child’s good intention and your own parenting ability.

  • Dissolve problem areas of rigidity and stress
  • Offload hurt/trauma/grief from a situation that plagues you
  • Look at some of the deep seated issues that you face in your family
  • Make a hard decision
  • Release fear that holds you back from doing something you want

Mini intensive – Use three hours with me to immerse yourself in understanding these tools (can be an alternative to taking a Starter Class) or resolve a specific issue as I lead you through the steps required.

Intensive support – For those who want to go deeply into this approach, consider receiving consistent support over 12 weeks, so you can really get to grips with things that need to change. In this time we can focus our attention on what you really need to shift to make family life more workable. I’ll walk you through whatever needs to happen, step by step.

You’ll have unlimited access to me, allowing you to reach out for 5 minutes of emergency listening whenever you need it. You also get 12 sessions of 60 minutes, to be used as needed. This means you could have a regular weekly slot, but if you are having a rough time you might like to use several of your sessions that week.

Clients who invest at this level are really shifting patterns that felt intolerable, getting to grips with issues that previously felt out of their control, changing their automatic reactions and cultivating a new, more loving way of speaking to themselves. Essentially, through being able to reach out to me whenever you are losing it, as well as weekly sessions to go deep into the underlying emotional issues governing your daily triggers, you receive re-parenting from me. Clients say they have started to hear my affirming voice instead of the critical one they used to have and when they speak to their children they can access a new way of responding.


“Roma is such a warm, patient and compassionate human being and she has the most amazing ability to listen in a non-judgemental way. I’m so grateful for everything that she has done to help me develop a coherent life narrative and change my approach to particular family situations – her coaching work has had such a positive impact on me and my family. Thank you so much Roma – you’re wonderful!”

“I’ve done years of therapy, being a therapist myself and I’ve never felt such safety and warmth as you provide. Nothing I’ve done in therapy has been anything like this effective. I’ve been working on this (issue) for years and in a moment with you it’s just released!”

My Story

Before finding Hand in Hand, family life felt chaotic and challenging. I was battling intense, inexplicable nerve pain in my left hand following Artemis’ birth. It was debilitating and prevented me from connecting deeply with those around me. I sensed I needed to do some work on my childhood and how I had been parented. We were also finding it very difficult with Zephyr, who is an intense, sensitive, aggressive and anxious child and I wanted to be able to really help him and keep his sister safe. I feel like a parenting ninja when I can skillfully diffuse situations that used to be tricky, by using play. The Listening Partnership tool has been life changing for me. I am now so much less reactive, which leaves me naturally affectionate and playful. I want more families to experience the connection, ease and fun that we now have.

I also offer the 6 or 12 week Parenting Starter Class. I am so honoured to teach these transformational parenting tools, which serve as not only a way to help children feel more co-operative, but also bring you long lasting connection to your children… and everyone else in your life. Keep an eye on my event page for dates.

“This course has been unbelievable, life changing. I wish everyone would have the chance to do this”

“I enjoyed today a lot Roma. It’s not what I expected…I like that. Blimey…it went deep. You’re very good at your job…I don’t think many people could have got so many intimate reactions immediately out of so many different souls.” 


“Thanks so much for the course – I thought your experience really showed with the very specific insights you were able to offer, and I really learnt a lot from you.”

“I’ve noticed that my son is no longer aggressive and I am closer to my children.”

“There’s joy! there’s a little happy person there.”

“I’ve seen the transformation in so many good friends who’ve attended this life changing parenting course. Roma carries beautiful soft yet strong energy for holding space, coming from a place of truth, experience and authenticity, which is why it’s why it is working for others.