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Intimacy through listening and expression; a series of two retreats with interim support calls:

May 25, 2018 @ 5:00 pm - July 15, 2018 @ 5:00 pm

Part 1: Emotional resilience and deep connection


Experience a series of practices that connect you with others on a very human level and in doing so, allow permission for you to be unapologetically yourself. Learn to listen deeply to others and in doing so develop greater capacity to understand your own emotions and needs. Through building connection and safety with others, begin to recover from the hurts that you’ve endured in life and build resilience. Shatter the socially appropriate masks that you present of yourself and find that you can be more authentic in all your relationships and even at work.


This weekend will give you an experience of connection and humanity. Through releasing hurt from hard things you’ve been through, you’ll develop resilience. You’ll learn how to improve all the relationships in your life, deal better with conflict, receive intimate connection and build a more loving network around yourself.


Fri 5pm-Sun 4pm. Co-facilitated by Alice Irving.


Alice  – Through her background in facilitating collaborations between radically diverse stakeholders in the Arts, Alice discovered that if you want to be heard, you have to listen really well. She is now a NLP practitioner and coach specialising in supporting women and families with stress, communication and boundaries. She coaches internationally and runs workshops for women in the South West. Alice is a dynamic thinker and has a generous, attuned presence.




“Thank you for a wonderfully led course, I was deeply impressed by its simplicity and power”


“I loved the different qualities you and Alice bring and the depth of intimacy between you. I can see the potential of this work from the listening relationship between you and the way you understand life. You are clearly onto a good thing here and it inspires me”


Follow up – 6 week support call with Roma £600


Part 2: Listening and authentic voice


Our blocks to authentic self expression are rooted in our fears of rejection from the tribe. Human beings have inter-relational brains and are hardwired to belong to a group. For many of us there can be an internal conflict between expressing our own authentic needs and our longing for others’ acceptance. Drawing on the cohesion and safety we have built in the group, we will continue to deepen our listening skills and playfully explore our edges around authentic communication. Deepen your ability to intentionally and effectively access your emotions so you can begin to see old beliefs and patterns of relating melt away. As well as playful games, and verbal sharing we will explore the true sound of our own unique voice in a safe, graduated way.


Fri 5pm-Sun 4pm. 6 weeks after part 1. Co-facilitated by Vaishnavi Brassey


Vaishnavi passionately empowers others to rediscover their forgotten birthright: a natural state of relaxed, fearless self-expression. Extreme terror and panic can arise with the idea of speaking or singing in front of others – yet as a child you sounded unselfconsciously. From her own direct experience, Vaishnavi knows that being out of alignment with your authentic voice impacts all areas of life – confidence, communication, creativity, self-worth, health, relationships. The key to transforming the endemic trauma of being “shut up!” is to gently and playfully explore the edges of it within a safely-held group setting. Facilitating this with tender awareness and insight is Vaishnavi’s gift.

A former broadcast journalist and film producer, Vaishnavi didn’t believe she could sing until she was introduced to mantra in her late twenties. She is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and trained with Chloe Goodchild and the Naked Voice. She is one half of the duo EARTH whose debut CD Maha Maha was released in December 2016. www.at-om.com & www.earthmantra.net.




“I cannot begin to describe in words how blessed I feel from the weekend, it has completely changed my life. Thank you Thank you Thank you”


“I meant to write to say thank you for a transformative weekend. I returned home feeling renewed in every way”


“life changing. what can I say? words don’t really describe the sense of ‘altering’ I went through over the week-end.”


“My husband commented tonight that I’ve picked up new phrases and increased in confidence since the retreat. I feel like I’ve moved on from the rut I was in.”


May 25, 2018 @ 5:00 pm
July 15, 2018 @ 5:00 pm