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Deep Work (online program, closed group)

October 5, 2020 - April 4, 2021


6 month personal mastery program October 2020 – April 2021

*Starts week beginning Oct 5th -regular weekly time tbc

Let go of the limiting experiences you’ve had in your life, so you can strive fearlessly towards what you want and create the kind of relationship with yourself and others that lights you up.

You’ll join a group of 4 other intrepid emotional adventurers and meet weekly for an hour. This closed group will be a source of perhaps previously unparalleled intimacy and connection. You will also spend an hour with me each month to unravel in more depth a particular issue you are working on. You’ll also spend a week each month in a guided issue-led intensive with a buddy. 


This is for you if you:

  • Are hungry to do some deep, transformational emotional work to lift out some of the fears and reactivity that hold you back in the day to day
  • Long for more meaningful connection in your life
  • Know you have areas of your emotional terrain that remain unprocessed and you are ready to look at it
  • Need to solve an unworkable issue in your life around power, relationship or security
  • Are ready to be more entirely and unapologetically YOU than you’ve ever been before
  • Want to feel more solid and resourced


Monthly focus

Security – money, home, resting in safety, having enough, feeling deserving, resistance to scheduling/budgeting/cleaning

Intimacy –  attachment, separation, being part of a group, rejection, being seen, love/approval/sex addiction

Power – Personal power, Birth, timing, authority, taking up space, finding your voice, saying no, reaching for what you want, being on time

Voice – Female oppression, body image, relationship roles, asking/asserting

Intuition –  magic, trust, resting, manifesting

Radiance – Health, fitness, endurance, receiving abundance, relationship with food


Things you might get to do on this program:

  • Uncover the root cause of many patterns in your life
  • Release the heavy burden of terror, shame or grief that perpetually dampens your spirit
  • Feel the closeness and presence you didn’t get to feel at a time you felt really alone
  • Tell the story of something that was frightening
  • Get to see how good it feels to say no
  • Speak up for yourself in all the places you didn’t have permission to before now
  • Lean into the small or greater ways in which you use emotional crutches as a coping mechanism
  • Hear your parents acknowledging all the ways in which they hurt you
  • Laugh your head off and open up your capacity to release tension through laughter
  • Feel the relief of hearing something you’ve been longing to hear


Monthly Consultations

I’ll get to listen to you weekly through the group calls and this weekly connection will allow us to go on a deeper excavation when we meet for our monthly consultation. I’ll support you to focus on priority areas and offer tailored guidance for your intensives.


Weekly support groups

In a small, closed group of 4 others, you will have to opportunity to go deep into the hurts that drive your decisions, beliefs and level of reactivity. The level of warm presence and the closeness you’ll build with the other members of the group allow a magnifying effect on your ability to feel and release old emotion. This weekly pit-stop for connection will become something that resources you each week and the intimacy you experience there will start to inform your framework for relating more generally.


Issue led intensives

At the beginning of each month you’ll focus on a particular area on the month’s topic that you need to work on intensively and following our consultation, you’ll be guided with some directions for daily exploration with a buddy. This is a powerful practice that can bring to light and shift some of your most involuntary patterns.


Praise for the Deep Work program

“I feel like I’ve been on a travelator and everyone else is just walking”


“It’s been so interesting and important to see people being honest about their lives. That’s completely new to me.”


“This gorgeously nuturing course, in which you are warmly held by Roma and a small community of other like-minded souls, allows you to see clearly – and more importantly feel away – the old patterns/emotions and automatic ways of living and behaving that are no longer serving you.”


“I feel I am becoming more authentically myself than perhaps (ever) before. Highly recommended!”


“Roma has the kind of deep wisdom you can’t get from books”


“I’ve done years of therapy, being a therapist myself and I’ve never felt such safety and warmth as you provide. Nothing I’ve done in therapy has been anything like this effective. I’ve been working on this (issue) for years and in a moment with you it’s just released!”


“Roma is such a warm, patient and compassionate human being and she has the most amazing ability to listen in a non-judgmental way. I’m so grateful for everything that she has done to help me develop a coherent life narrative and change my approach to particular family situations”


“I enjoyed today a lot Roma. It’s not what I expected…I like that. Blimey…it went deep. You’re very good at your job…I don’t think many people could have got so many intimate reactions immediately out of so many different souls.” 

This course is online which means you can do it from anywhere, it often surprises people how deep you can go when working a program like this at a distance. It’s incredible seeing the levels of intimacy that can be experienced on online courses!
Because I’ve been unwell with a neurological condition since last November, I have decided to take a few months completely off Nov-Jan. Alice Irving, my colleague and partner is going to co-lead Deep Work with me this time. As well as doing the same training with Hand in Hand Parenting as me, Alice is a gifted women’s wellbeing coach and has been my own primary Listening Partner for the past 5 years. We’ll lead the group together in Oct, Alice will take over while I rest in Nov-Jan and I will take the group through to completion in February and March.


Initial holding fee of £300 to reserve your place followed by £200 monthly on the 1st October – March.


£1350 paid up front


How to apply

If you’re ready to dive in, or if you have questions, please email me



October 5
April 4, 2021
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