Breastfeeding Preparation Workshop, Bath


Approach breastfeeding with confidence!

For expectant women or couples at any stage of pregnancy. Meet other parents, explore your thoughts and feelings about breastfeeding, learn through discussion and interactive activities. Contact me to arrange a 3 hours workshop.

On this informative day you will discover:

  • Secrets to setting up breastfeeding to be as straight forward as possible

  • What to expect with the first ever feed and during the first week

  • How often and how much to feed (and what about routines?)

  • What partners can do to support breastfeeding women and bond with their babies

  • What to do if you encounter common challenges (including sore nipples, mastitis, thrush, tongue tie and milk supply issues)

  • When you may need to express and how to supplement if necessary

  • How to bottle feed responsively as a transition to (or a break from) breastfeeding

There will also be plenty of time to discuss your questions around:

  • Mum’s diet while feeding (and what about medications or alcohol?)

  • Night feeds

  • Equipment

  • Breastfeeding in public

Cost £50pp or £80 per couple. Please contact me at romakitty (at) gmail (dot) com for booking

What previous participants of my breastfeeding classes have said:

“Brilliant. Just brilliant, I loved it, so useful, thank you.”

“I really appreciated your openness and how you offered such a broad spectrum of information without any judgement or agenda. It felt really safe to discuss different ideas.”

“I didn’t think I’d get much from it if I’m honest (being a man), but all of this information was so useful and I had no idea about all this stuff. I found the session really informative and reassuring.”

“I just feel so relieved that if all the terrible things that happened to my friends happen to me, now I know that there are ways to get round it and I know where I can go for help.”

Meeting you was a pivotal moment for me. I came from a very corporate background and was approaching motherhood from a very businesslike perspective. But then I met you and you were so soft and feminine and the way you responded to your baby during the class was so inspiring. It opened up a whole world to me.”